Joe Namath Football Camp
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Specialty Clinics

In addition to the weekly schedule, the camp offers three special clinics on opening day of the camp which are optional for each camper to attend. Each clinic costs $75.00 and is a two-hour session on July 10th. Players do not have to suit up in full equipment, but must arrive in cleats and workout clothes for the quarterback clinic and the speed clinic. For the weight training clinic, players should wear workout clothes and sneakers. Please note that each of the three clinics run at the same time. Therefore, each camper can only sign up for a maximum of one clinic on July 10th.




Quarterback Clinic - The quarterback clinic offers complete quarterback instruction from center exchange, to passing, ball-handling and footwork. The session is run by Joe Namath along with an elite field of college and high school coaches who instruct the players on both a group and individual level. 

Weight Training Clinic - The weight clinic features a special program to develop the athlete's durability, stamina and strength. This summer's clinic will be led by the Craig Stoddard, who is a Special Instructor for numerous NFL teams.

Speed Development Clinic - This year's speed clinic will feature Brandon Wood who has developed a program to develop the athlete's speed and quickness. The program will emphasize starting techniques, burst stride, body lean and finish.


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