Joe Namath Football Camp
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Q: My son has never played football before and I am concerned about his safety while playing against more experience campers.

A: Our camp program is designed for all levels of age, ability and previous playing experience. Our highly experienced coaching staff tailors their instruction to allow for campers from different football backgrounds to have an enjoyable learning experience while at camp. Safety is our primary concern while on and off the field and our staff makes every effort to ensure that campers will not be overmatched or uncomfortable while competing against others players.

Q: My son wishes to try a different position other than the one he normally plays with his team. Is this allowed at your camp?

A: We encourage all campers to try any position they desire while at camp. We believe that this is an integral part of becoming a more well-rounded football player and will make the camper more valuable to any team he plays with in the future.

Q: How can I contact my son, and how can he contact me while he is at camp?

A: We will have a phone in our camp office which will be available for all campers to use. Parents may also call the office and leave a message with our staff if you need to contact your son, and our staff will locate your son wherever he is at that time of day. Our camp office is centrally located between the playing fields, dormitories, and dining facilities and is easily accessible for all campers and parents.

Q: What equipment will my son need for camp?

A: Our camp is a full-contact program and all campers will be required to wear a full uniform for the majority of our practice sessions. This includes: helmet, shoulder pads, practice pants, knee pads, thigh pads, girdle (including hip and tailbone pads), mouthpiece, practice jersey, chin strap, athletic supporter and football cleats. Since our camp has very limited access to equipment, we ask camper to make every effort possible to borrow equipment from their town or school programs.

Q: Can I watch my son practice at camp?

A: All of our practices are open for the parents and families of campers to attend. We do however ask that parents and families keep a respectful distance during the practices to allow for our staff to maximize their instruction during the practices.

Q: Who will be coaching my son at camp?

A: Our carefully selected staff of college, high school and youth coaches are very experienced in coaching summer instructional programs as well as their own teams outside of camp. Our staff has been highly trained to work with athletes of all playing abilities and backgrounds at any position.

Q: What type of medical staff do you have in attendance?

A: We will have two trainers as well as a registered nurse on our staff on the field and in the dorms. Any concerns with medications or medical conditions can be addressed with the camp nurse upon arrival on the opening day of camp.

Q: What other activities are offered between practices at your camp?

A: Although the majority of the campers time will be involved in football instruction, there are other activities on campus for the campers to enjoy. The campus offers facilities for basketball, tennis and numerous recreational fields to allow for campers to enjoy free time with their new friends and teammates. In addition, each night we will offer a movie for all of our overnight campers to attend.

Q: Are there any scrimmages in addition to the normal position instruction throughout the week?

A: We typically divide the campers into teams based on age, size and previous playing experience. We will then run controlled scrimmages as a portion of our regularly scheduled practices beginning on Wednesday. 

Q: Will water be provided for the campers on the field or should I send my son with his own water?

A: There will be plenty of water available during and between practices for the campers. Our staff will ensure that all campers are receiving sufficient amounts of water and adequate breaks during practices. In the event of extreme heat during the week, our staff will often shorten the lengths of the practices in the middle of the day to ensure the safety of our campers.

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