Joe Namath Football Camp
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2017 Camp Features

Injury Prevention & Care: In the event of any unfortunate injuries suffered by our campers, our qualified trainer will suggest exercises to help strengthen and prevent further injury. High quality equipment and the safest techniques are employed at camp, while dangerous practices, such as use of the head as a weapon (spear tackling) are prohibited. 

College Night: An in-depth look at college selection, admissions procedures, and athletic opportunities. Administered by our college coaches for our high school campers. 

Nutritional Guidance: Thoughts on proper eating habits, rest and diet for the development of the healthy athlete will be stressed. 

Other activities: The Westconn campus provides excellent facilities for basketball, tennis and many other outdoor activities. Consistent with our philosophy that camp should be a total experience, we offer plenty of free-time between practices to let our campers enjoy time with new friends and teammates.

Running Program: Many athletes labor under the misapprehension that speed and quickness are totally inborn and can not be refined or improved. Our detailed, scientifically designed running program incorporates exercises which can enhance an athlete's speed and quickness. Four specific exercises isolate the component parts of the running motion.

Our Equipment: We have the latest football training equipment available including tackling dummies, shields and sleds.

Camp Store: Our on-campus store will have a full line of camp apparel in addition to football related equipment including mouthpieces, belts and jerseys.

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